My Forum Script got hard rejected. I spent 4 months working on it. Please any feedback.

Hi guys,

I am first time Author in Envato.
I spent 4 months build my Laravel Forum Script but got Hard Rejected.

Here is the script

I added alot of features which are missing on the other Existing Forum Scripts in codecanyon. Clean design, responsive, dark mode, RTL, Subscriptions, Tips, Powerful Text Editor e.t.c

What did I do wrong guys.
Please help. Thanks.

No Feedback??

Honestly, I would like to think that it is not a quality issue of the system, since I have seen many other products with lower quality than yours, and it undeniably has a very striking product with good quality, that is what I see.
I am in the same situation as you, I have sent 2 products and both were rejected without specific details, although without a doubt my products are not as good quality as yours, they are good.
I don’t know why they reject them, they could be resources without an authorized license for their use, that’s what occurs to me
In my case, I use an anti-piracy filter before installing the product that may be the cause of the rejection, who knows, I may have to remove them.

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I found some issues here.

  1. Text broken.

  2. Image missing in some places:

I am glad to announce that since Rejected my script with no clear REASON. I was able to sell it on

Here is the Link - ApexForum - The Ultimate Forum Platform by ApexCodeStudios | Codester

And it is among the TOP POPULAR with more SALES scripts.

All of the Errors are now fixed. Thank you.

I wish your good luck.

1 Like is not Envato!

Good luck with sales but Envato is the the place for the best!

I said this before, getting an item approved on Envato specially in WordPress category is more difficult that getting a job :slight_smile:

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