Frequently hard reject my product, why?

On Envato Market, my sales rank stands at 25606th. The last sale was over a year ago, for $35. On Envato, there were 12 approved products. The last item approved was about 7 years ago. Then I took a break from the Envato Market Place. Now I’m back again.

Over the past 30–40 days, I have submitted five Figma templates and two HTML templates to Themeforest. Today, I submitted one Laravel script on Codecayon. All are hard rejected. Initially, the rejection process took anywhere from 5-8 days. These days, the rejection process takes only a few hours. For instance, I submitted a Laravel script on Codecayon today at 8:18 PM, only to have it rejected at 9:45 PM.

Here’s a link to the Laravel script:

I really appreciate it if anyone can help me.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing continuous hard rejections.
I have also been receiving continuous hard rejections on my submissions recently

Your chances of getting your item approved will drastically decline if you leave your customers and items for a long time. Envato is probably using it as a basis to stop you from selling items again.

Additionally, based on your demo link, your item lacks a premium feel.

Lots of things has changed in the last 7 years, in the last 1/2 years more specifically. You shouldn’t be blaming Envato for the long break instead if you’d like to get the items on sale, practice more.

It’s risky as the quality standards are too high on ThemeForest now due to “Bundled items” those includes “40+ template” within the same file but if you could find a good/unique idea, I don’t think it’d be impossible.