Please Suggest to me, why Rejected the Logo Design?


  1. Poorly chosen color palette
  2. Black text on a dark background :no_good_man:

Many small edits that I would make, with respect


Strange, if you click on it, the colours are all correct.

Click on it to see the true image, it is quite nice actually.


Edit: Removed.

I see this colour problem quite a lot recently, sometimes even flipped so the clicked version is wrong. It’s almost like it’s inverting the colours, but only on certain parts, and not always accurately inverted. This might be a problem with how the forums system is handling images, since I believe every instance I’ve seen has used the forums image upload, rather than a 3rd party link, but I don’t much about how that stuff works.

As for the logo, I like the icon, but the font choice and the way it’s laid out isn’t very fitting, or aesthetically pleasing.

hi if u ask me, you did a great job with the illustration but u messed it up with all the rest indeed … there maybe a an issue with the chosen color for the illustration though i tend to rather like it and think that this is original this way (even if i am suspecting that some of the colors are not cmyk … which is already a problem) but what u have done with the text part , oh my! what a waste , man! the colors, the disposition, the linea side of it … all needs to be redone … why having changing sizes in the main name?! why having a divider for the tagline that is bringing nothing to the table but ruining the aesthetic rather than any other thing?! are u aware that some text are simply unreadable? why introducing a tagline if it cannot be seen? i would suggest to take out the shadow … this is of no use …ad in the case of the blue preview u have here it looks rather like another divider that is not good looking indeed, this is even impossible to identify that this is supposed to be a shadow …

It’s a bit close? not to mention numeorus other stock sites and variations?

You cannot modify stock illustrations and distribute these as your own item.


Hi charlie, can you advise me on my rejected logo?