My logo is rejected, help me choose the right fonts.

Greetings to all. My logo is rejected, I think the problem is in fonts and colors, help me choose the right font, I will be very blogging …)

Not problem just in font and color, lion design is very nice but more belongs to the illustrations category. The logo should be a visual business identity presentation, look at how many people would choose just a lion for presentation of the their company. Great design but not suitable for the logo this is my opinion.:grinning:

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hi , as for for i just love it, the only thing i may comment is that the typo part is a little bit sort of “traditional” when they may look for some additional fantasy or creativity , as for me i do not agree with Drazen (@dgas99), i would personally love to have this as a logo if i had a company …


Many thanks for the advice …

Thank you, Yes, I did everything possible to prevent the logo from looking like an illustration, I think the problem is in the fonts …)

this is a major issue here , somethign kind of prevailing, do not get me wrong, in my view u did something harmonious, but probably not exatcly in keeping with what reviewers could aspire to … give it a rework and add some originality and repost :slight_smile: i will cross fingers for u :slight_smile:

Thank you, you helped me a lot …)

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