Your Opinion and Feedback on Rejected Logo

Hi awesome designers,
I have uploaded this logo and it got rejected. This is my fifth item that gets rejection.

What could be the problem? How can I improve it, if possible?
Form: Visually not appealing, colors are not in harmony or bad choice of typography?
Feeling: does not state the message clearly, no cohesive mood, and does not evoke proper emotions?
Function: does not serve the purpose, not easy to read, and is not executable (print and packaging … etc)

I have used Crimson Text as the main font and Open Sans for the tagline
colors: CMYK @300 dpi extracted from a natural orange image.

@charlie4282, @amanda.hackwith, @QuanticaLabs

Thanks for your help in advance.

I like it, but could the problem be the small details, like on the leaves? Logos typically have no fine details, so they reproduce clearly at a small size.

Again my logo has been rejected, even after making some ajustments, which I’m NOT sure these are the required changes??!!

Anything else to improve?

@ToivoMedia @amanda.hackwith @QuanticaLabs


You should use a font with circular O’s to match the logo, I like the original font more but probably you could find another font that would work better.

How about now

I changed all Typos.