My logo rejected, why?



Reason: Standard quality. Category: Nature. No feedback? Please.

hi this is a combination of different small reasons with a bigger one , if u ask me …
the big thing is the typo, here , this is even sometimes overly concerned and the fact of the matter os that what u have here is not reaching the standard indeed, as the text part os not matching well with the rest, to be honest. U should opt for something for the name that is way bolder and having more impact. At this stage , u had already a discrepancy between text and illustration in terms of proportion and the choice u made for the font of the main name is simply emphasizing this “misbalance”. Besides, this is not necessarily a good idea to choose a font that turns out to be very angular and to mix with with a “curvy” / “rounded” illustration part. This is also hard to understand why this combo of colors … u should better think about complementary colors, shades of the same color or activity colors , this is normally safe and smart a choice … the blue and green do not really match as they belong to the same “family” of cold colors , not to mention that the black color of text is thus coming out of the blue. For me, also, the tagline of the horizontal version is misplaced as i am convinced that the logo would look way better if both name and tagline are flagged and aligned on the left and , btw, maybe making the tagline a bit bigger or a bit bolder would be a good idea as this would look more visible …

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