whether the business name on a logo is in the form of outlines? And why logo rejected?


hi this was rejected for a variety of reasons
1- typo
most importantly that the other thing, the reason is the typo, indeed, this is far from standards expected here , which are quite high to say the least no matter where u are posting
2- harmony
the fact of the matter is that what u have here is dissonant as there is a complete disconnection between the typo part and the illustration one … u are mixing a shape with very squared angles with serif fonts that u are using and the bottom line os that for me , this neither matching nor working
3- colors
still more or about harmony, with i guess the combination of colors could be really way better … pls think about complementary colors, shades of teh same color or potentially about activity code colors, they are normally safe choices … besides , when we are considering the logo as a whole, right now, what u have is a black color coming out of the blue and rather not bringing anything to the table or having any continuity with the rest …
4- tagline
it seems to me that the size and proportion of the tagline could be improved
5- presentation
what is one of your goal? this is to “sell” what u have created either to the reviewer in the first place so that he or she can accept it but also afterwards to potential buyers and the bottom line is that with such a tasteless and overly simply presentation like this needless to say that this is really difficult to do so … this may look sort of “accessory” but this is not as u should think about your presentation as a mirror of your item or as a shop window meant to value the item that u have for sale. Your creation must be valued in any event , this is for sure. Now one of the ways maybe to also try to “give life” to it by featuring it into “sceneries” using mockups …

Yes, thank s for opion brother, i’m new bie

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u are welcome , if u have enough clues, just click the solution box and good work and good luck :slight_smile: