Please remove minimum of 4 stars rating conditions in Campaign Nominations

In each Campaign Nominations condition is “item with minimum 4 stars rating”. I don’t know is it Envato understands how difficult it is buyers get rating or does not care, it has a lot of items who do not have any or one-two rating and automatically they not meet requirements for the nominations.
For me it is not some quality standard reviewer easy to check item for quality if they must and if they have been approved then they will probably meet the market conditions.
I’d love to hear what other authors have to say about this…


I think this is not right place to discuss.
You can contact with Envato Support Or @BenLeong


When you do not let us talk here :grinning: I have contacted Ben…Thanks

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I’m happy to have a discussion about it in here :slight_smile:

We’re trying to have a range of different criteria used for selecting items in marketing promotions - including Free File callouts, and the various different email or landing page campaigns. These will also vary across marketplaces, as ratings are used a bit differently for each item type.

The Mega March campaign (and its Cyber Monday counterpart at the other end of the calendar) have some of the strictest criteria - with relatively high minimum sales volumes and/or ratings across all marketplaces. That’s partly driven by the results of previous sales - items with a rating, particularly a high rating, tend to have much higher conversion rates from the landing pages than unrated items. Driving traffic to a sales page comes at a significant cost, so we want to make sure as many visitors as possible will go on to purchase items once they arrive.

Simply passing review and being sold on Market is, unfortunately, not enough of a quality indicator on its own - particularly for complex items like After Effects templates or WordPress themes. Bugs can be found later on, or item updates can break key functionality… so monitoring item ratings is one way of examining perceived quality at scale, in a campaign that might have several hundred items.

I’m interested in suggestions on what a fair replacement would be for specific item types, as we can trial these in future campaigns. We have a few of these at the moment - for example, AJ campaigns will often have a sales minimum OR a rating minimum (instead of both requirements), and newer campaigns tend to have multiple entry points (setting a higher bar for established items, and more relaxed criteria for newly released items).

Some constraints:

  • Criteria should still ensure we’re promoting high quality items in campaigns at all times
  • Superstar items from the bestseller list are a major drawcard for customers, so they should be encouraged
  • Customer perception of items often starts by comparing sales and ratings, so low figures in either introduces more risk

Given those, what would you consider a fair set of requirements for your marketplace, and for your major item category (or categories)?

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Thanks for your reply and times…

I wanted to hear the opinion of most authors about this and will not go in After Effects templates or WordPress themes because I’m not expert for this but I tell a couple things about Graphicriver (Add-ons).

I understand what you are talking about but every campaign i saw or nomination for free file had this criterion just because some did not demand the number of sales.
Completely agree that should exist is some level of quality but it is very difficult to get it rating if the item has not already been promoted in some way from Envato.

There are a lot of items that are rated once or twice but they do not see it and automatically do not meet this criterion and they have a good sale and positive comments.

Look at the cover page Add-ons/Photoshop now something is being tested to be “Best Rated” items on first page and you see this items they have about 5-15 ratings (which is a very small percentage considering the sales) and has been on the Graphicriver for a long time and most of them have been Envato promoted many times.

I think it should change rating system to be seen each rating and comment of buyers if there is and to be more honest for all, if the rating is to be a criterion.

Very important for every author is Envato promotion, I saw myself how much is sales before and after, not to mention new authors they have no future in this way.

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Thanks @dgas99!

That’s great feedback. I’ll raise it with our Campaigns manager, and we’ll look into ways that this can be addressed for future campaigns - particularly for Photoshop Add-ons. I think that experimenting with different criteria for “best seller” and “new item” nominations could help with this across many item categories.

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Thanks Ben, I appreciate it!

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