Rating suggestions

Why Envato would not put options that buyers can not give a bad rating before contact author for support and solving some problem or other option to somehow protect the authors?
Lately there are a lot of new users who buy a item and have no idea for what it is and how it is used, leave bad rating because they do not know how to run eg. action without even asking for any help. This is angry to me especially because we all know how difficult it is to get a rating item at all.


This happens a lot.

The only time we really receive ratings is if the buyer is having issues or doesn’t understand something.

People who are happy with the product very rarely return to leave a review and just carry on with their day. At least, that is how it is for us anyways.

Ratings are useless.

Exactly ratings are useless, but on the other side when do you want entry to some contest or nominate free item Envato ask items with minimum four star ratings.

When i asked the support why it is possible someone leaves such ratings which do not make any sense they just said did not break any rules. I wonder if there is any rules that protects the author, probably not.

I think it’s hard to distinguish the really meant ratings and wrong ratings. It’s a general problem… maybe Envato could notify the buyer few days after buying to rate it.