Please recommend a library for staccato strings

Hi fellow composers! Could you please recommend a good Kontakt library for staccato strings commonly used in cinematic epic genre. This is a new area for me and i really want to invest in the best solution in terms of value/quality. What is the most popular one and easy to use? In the next couple of months i decided to learn how to write orchestra music, so i will really appreciate any advice! Thanks

I use Cinematic Strings for KONTAKT 5

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Spitfire Albion One.

+2 for CInematic Strings

LA Scoring Strings (Audiobro) allows you to go deep and write divisis and program your own arpeggios/sequences. The samples are fairly dry compared to most other libraries, so you can add reverb to taste.

Action Strings (Native Instruments) comes with a decent variety of pre-recorded string phrases. It doesn’t allow you to create something unique from scratch, or to write independent parts for different string sections, but it sounds great if the included phrases suit your needs. You can hear it in action in this track I recently uploaded (starting @ 0:33):

8Dio are great

Thanks everyone for tips! I will research every suggestion.