Need your feedback, orchestral music

Hi guys,

Could kindly tell something about my new track I avoid to get rejected, thanks!)

Hello to you - I have listened to your track and I must suggest that the quality of your sample library may let you down. The Cinematic category is really tough and the standard is so high that sample libraries really determine the success of tracks. It should be based on arrangement as much as anything but unfortunately this genre needs really expensive sample libraries to allow tracks to shine through.


Hi, thank you for the reply. I doubt about choir samples. I used Native Instruments libraries, can they be too cheap for aj?

Native Instruments libraries too be fair are really not that good in isolation. They are very good for quick demos but the orchestral libraries are poor compared to what’s available on the market. I guess price is the main issue.

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Which orchestral libraries would you recommend?

The libraries that I use, and I am sure there are even better ones for orchestral music, are Project Sam Symphobia 1 & 2, 8 DIO Black Edition, 8DIO Cage, Soundiron Brass Ensemble, Spitfire Albion 1 & 3, East West Symphonic Gold and Goliath and Cinematic Strings 2.

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I concur with the great advice in the other comments. I thought your strings parts in the first half were totally fine and industry-standard for realism and dynamics, well done! However the choir lets the track down terribly. I advise that you consider getting 8dio Insolidus for a part like that, I consider it the best choir sample library for haunting low dynamics like that. Here is an example of one of my tracks using Insolidus:

However, in spite of my comments, I am very confident your track will be approved as it currently is. However one final suggestion; make sure you end on a strong decisive final note, rather than the faded out ending you have chosen.