Spitfire Albion One

Hi everyone!
What do you think about Spitfire ALBION ONE to write epic music? :slight_smile:

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I think it’s perfect for epic music, it has a massive ensemble sound, you won’t regret buying it. I am a very happy customer, in fact I’m just writing something with it today



that’s interesting. :slight_smile:

Maybe you can solve my main doubt about this plug-in, please. Do you pick the sustained patch for strings and layer some legato phrases on top of it?

I work with other companies products, and tend to have separate staves because i prefer to be in control of individual legatos. I had a listen to Albion ONE and i like the sound quality overall, but i am doubtful about using sustained ensemble patches rather than individual legato/portamento etc…this is why i didn’t buy it yet.

Does it make sense? :smiley:

In my opinion is not that good If you need it for strings ! you can check Cinematic Strings 2 or Cinestrings !
I am using cinematic strings here example 1
and here is a spiccato example 2

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If you need to, Spitfire have a brilliant system where you can do polyphonic legato with the legato patches, which I find extremely convenient because I can keep things in the same midi channel without having one lane for each voice. (If that makes sense?)


Hi, does anyone using Sonokinetic

I know, that I´m mixing the threads theme, but it cost half of Spitfire for Cinematic music.

I see. Good sound! :smiley:

In truth, i am very happy with my current string libraries. However, i am asking about Albion ONE strings because if i buy it i want to make sure i will get the most of it. That of course includes a useful string section to keep as an alternative (or for layering).

i find spitfire libraries very hard to use ! now thats my opinion always ! :smiley: good luck with your decision ! :slight_smile:

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thanks for your reply. That is precisely what I needed to know, I wasn’t aware of Spitfire poliphonic legato. That makes a big difference. :sunglasses:

I love programming separate staves, but I agree with you entirely. Ensemble patches might come in handy, especially if they have poliphonic legato performance.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
Can I change the articulations with keyswitch?
What about Albion dynamics?

At the moment I need a Library with a complete orchestra, because now I’m using Kontakt Factory Library but I think it’s not good enough for my goals
Later, I will think about buying some libraries for single sections or single instruments :smiley:

Yes they have brilliant keyswitch options in Albion ONE, which is one of the many reasons I love this library, and of course all Spitfire libraries have this keyswitch functionality which helps to reduce the number of midi channels required. I HATE mucking around with dozens of midi channels for one instrument, so Spitfire stuff suits my workflow.

I don’t understand why someone else wrote that they struggle with Spitfire products??!!

And please note, price isn’t everything. Of course you can find cheaper inferior products (eg Sonokinetic) but then you’ll just end up dis-satisfied and you will have wasted your money on something you won’t use.

The Cinematic Strings and Cinematic Studio Strings libraries mentioned in another post are very good products too, but with Albion ONE you get strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and synths. And in each of the orchestra groups you get runs and fx. The string runs in particular are fantastic in Albion ONE.

This track features Spitfire products mostly, including Albion ONE. You can hear some of the string runs in this track also.


[quote=“BlueSkyAudio, post:12, topic:85927, full:true”]
I HATE mucking around with dozens of midi channels for one instrument, so Spitfire stuff suits my workflow.[/quote]

I enjoyed the Fanfare very much.

I didn’t mean one MIDI channel per articulation. I use keyswitches too! I meant one MIDI channel per stave/staff (i.e. 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas…). However, I see how Spitfire Ensemble patches could be very useful for practical reasons, given that they feature poliphonic legato. I will think it over, thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

Ah I’m sorry I didn’t understand your comment about the staves! Makes sense now. No, Albion ONE is unlike a lot of string libraries; instead of being divided up violin/viola/cello/contrabass, you have a `full strings’ range from the bottom of the contrabass to the top of the violins. In some ways this is very convenient though, it helps when you’re writing something on a short deadline or when you’re sketching out parts - and it’s great if you’re playing the parts in as a pianist, because you get to hear the full spectrum as you play, and see it all laid out on the midi editor.

Thanks for listening to my track, I’m glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

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You are welcome!

I see what you say, you get to hear the full spectrum as you play…sounds like a good way to achieve ‘the big sound’ quickly. Plus the sound itself is very good, samples are deep and beautiful…it’s definitely worth some hundread bucks more than the forerunners. :slight_smile:

Very cool strings!!

I probably won’t be destroyed for saying it so yeah…Albion ONE is pretty much an Industry standard for epic stuff at this point, for the price anyway it has a lot of good stuff. Check out the demo materials and online videos, you will find much more than you need and discover good composers in that genre at the same time.