What's the best strings library in ur opinion? Something like full ensemble strings.

I like hollywood strings but may be there is something else?

What’s your budget? I have a wide variety of string sample libraries, but recommendations depend on so many factors, such as the style of music, budget, whether you want a small section or a large ensemble.

Just for starters, 8dio have an amazing 70% off sale at the moment on their string libraries.

Wow, you are right, 70% is a lot. Thnx. I’m trying to find smooth large ensembles. Like here https://audiojungle.net/item/epic-emotions/17929687, but for me is still to sharp. Reverb can’t hide it and other strings even more unnatural. May be i don’t know them yet. Do u have any suggestion?

You haven’t mentioned your budget yet.

Spitfire Albion One has gorgeous large ensemble smooth sounds, as does 8dio Adagietto. Both of those libraries are good basic string options which aren’t too detailed or confusing. But if you want a greater variety of articulations there are numerous more detailed libraries. You could also look at a library called Soaring Strings, it’s gorgeous and quite affordable. It doesn’t include any short articulations though, but if you just want a smooth large ensemble for emotional lines it will work nicely.

One of the many options is this library: http://www.cinematicstudioseries.com/strings.html

Many thanks, never heard about Soaring strings or Cin strings studio. Have to discover them. Budget 500$ ±

Ah, it’s good to know the budget. I think Albion One is a solid option, as is CSS Strings, or you could get some of the 8dio stuff currently on sale (sale ends Dec 1st)

Probably not a good idea to get SS unless you want to add it to another library. I currently use SS a lot, but I layer it with libraries like Albion ONE or Sable or Adagietto. But if you bought it on it’s own and bought no other strings, you wouldn’t have any short articulations to use.

This is one of my tracks, which uses Albion One for most of the sounds, including brass, woodwinds, strings. The remaining percussion is just from the Kontakt Factory Library. I also layered Soaring Strings in there, however I could have just as easily not used SS and it would still have been great. This track is a good demonstration of the awesome trills and runs Albion ONE includes, both in the woodwinds and the strings. I think they are the best runs I’ve used, FAR better than the horrible runs in Hollywood Strings.


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And this next track features slow emotional string parts, I have used Albion ONE for the main bed of warm strings, and I used Soaring Strings for the nice lines that weave in and out on top of the string bed. And then in the big climax at 1:07 I brought in 8dio Agitato Grandiose Legato. This is a good example of how you can use different libraries together to compliment each other, each library has strengths and weaknesses. For example, the arpeggios on the celli in the climax section are done with Spitfire Sable celli, there is no other library I’ve used which can handle those kinds of cello parts.

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So big epic sound. Really good works. Nice to meet you man, and thnx for so good advices. It will help not only for me.
Some articulations of course with ur melodies awesome. I’ll go work more in it)

And yet - a very good and transparent violin and cello "Sable strings"
example https://audiojungle.net/item/emotional-epic-trailer/18613719 with 40 seconds cello :slight_smile: