please i need feedback on this item that was rejected

this logo was rejected and some other ones, please i need a feedback on this.thanks

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hi u have a whole lot of collections to deal with , from where i sit indeed …
first of all there is a matter of execution, some rounded shapes and not looking perfectly round and this definitely hurts the preview and ruins your chanced to have the item approved … . I addition, expectations are high in terms of typo and the bottom line is that u are miles away from these requirements, if u ask me … the fact of the matter is that there is an attempt to bring some originality to the table but the font combos simply do not work and the rounded aspect of the illustration is nowhere to be seen in the typo / text part , which is much of a problem as far as harmony and coherence go … The tagline and name font are not matching, as well , i recommend u to pick another fro belonging to the category as the name one … so that u have efficient pairings, the tagline one needing not to be too high as the one that u have chosen at this time indeed … in addition, the tagline is not properly placed , flagging it on the right makes no sense at all in my view . Also pay attention about not violating the contrast basic design principle thing, as this will lead u into further troubles , like readability problems … the text and logo must pop out from the background be nearly identified, outstanding and so on … finally but not least, the problem that i have with what u have created is that i cannot really figure out what the concept is …and i assume that same would probably go with most of the other people , i guess …

thanks a million times, i really do appreciate

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please i would send my next project to you before submitting …thanks

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Your logo looks like was poorly traced from bitmap to vector.

thanks…i appreciate your feedback alot

yes go ahead pls i will tell how i feel about it :slight_smile: