please help, why my template has rejected ?

Please help me to figure out the reason of reject my template. I really worked hard on it.
link demo
thanks for your help.

I can only see it on mobile but with respect this is nowhere near the standard.

  • the one page concept is over saturated without something uniquely distinctive and pixel perfect in design

  • the typography and font choices are really not good

  • the design is quite outdated and the bold red colour is really hard to get right

  • there’s inconsistent spacing and margins eg on the services

  • it’s a long way from mobile optimise eg counter abs portfolio

  • the portfolio images all look stretched and the lightbox versions are tiny

Yes , you are right,Thanks a lot for helping.
I’ve edit the whole template based on your notes and standards.
Kindly, have another look, and tell me what’s your opinion for now.
Thanks very much.

I don’t personally see a difference (and have cleared cache etc.) but either way the concept alone is too far from the standards - you cannot fix these things in less than 24 hours.

People won’t be able to give you a list of fixes - you need to understand the reason for necessary changes and how they need to roll out across the whole design

These are pointers but again it’s not a list of fixes it’s theory that needs to be understood and deployed professionally.

i’m so sorry , i was working for all last 24 hours ,
so i forgot to include the new link (it always happens to me :sweat_smile: )
i can now figure out what excatly you mean, the screenshot is quite different from the liveview.

anyway i’ve made a lot of change.
the new link :

and a similar screenshot :

Thanks again for your time , and i’m waiting for your reply.


It’s better but still a long way off the standard and several of exactly the same issues as before

I already feedback your but my name is Jerika, regards.

Thanks @JeriTeam , i’ll check all of them.
Ok. charlie4282, i’ll try to do my best.

Thanks one more time for your interest.

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