My design for Art portfolio has been rejected.

I tried to make simple, but in the same time interesting design. I used a bootstrap grid and included design for 4 resolutions. The theme has prepared illustrations for both men and women.
Can you tell me why my template got rejected? Any feedback will be much appreciated
(upload://pX6D4BkH8OtLVq6n5QfOGpFL5j7.jpeg) ![contact|690x334]

hi i am not an expert for web design but i think that there are issues about contrast, spacing and organisation , as this is a template, u have to make sure that all is as well arranged as possible and the fact of the matter is that inside bullets the spacing and arrangement is far from being completely well done, u have way more space between the bottom margin and the content above than between the upper margin and the following content. Indeed, there should b slightly more space in the header area to make sure that the big title is breathing more and given the right impact and attention. I also believe that the green is too pale and being too very close with the white shapes so that there is nothing catching much attention once again as the characters are just tasing a small space , being very punchy, yes, but too limited in a way so that the canvas “looks dressed”. Part of the problem also is that your button should rather be like “call to action buttons” when , at the moment, they look harmonious but are clearly not drawing any intention and pushing people to come and click … in my view , the bullets under icons should all be colorful instead of one out of 2 … as the icons which are not are simply not popping out and this contributes to flatten the whole design , as well . The logo is also too close from the upper edge, there is a choking effect resulting from it , not to mention that the logo loses impact in the process, which is not a good idea, when it comes to branding … if u ask me the gallery part is also too flat , too simple and not really arranged well enough

This concept is way too simple. Basically it all stands on the background image, which is kinda interesting, but I am not sure how that would even work on a different screen resolutions. But even with this issue aside, the rest of the design doesn’t look premium at all.
That said, it is a nice start and if you keep working on your skills, you will surely create something worthy sooner or later. If those illustrations are your own original work, then it may be worth it to submit them on GraphicRiver.

thanks a lot!