My template has rejected, no obvious reason

This is my first item and after 14 days of waiting I receive this message

Is it because the design is too basic?

You can check the demo: removed.

Any help will be great.


hi Oliver
well sorry to say just this but if there are some rejections that look farfetched to say the least, this one definitely is not in my view. Not only is the style outdated and not in keeping with what people do and what people buy today (i suggest that u have a look at what is being sold nowadays by going through already approved templates) but in addition there is much to do as regard to the typo indeed. Plus the menu is basic. There aren’t the multiple stages with the different contents on the same page , as what seems to be the real deal today. Colors are strange for current webites too … they usually use much more colorful colors, clear colors indeed, when u use a dark blue that is nothing but dull and not popping out. Creativity wise, honestly , u did not bring anything to the table and give people no reason either to accept your item for sale or to potentially buy it customer-wise

in short u still have a lot of work left to do. Maybe an expert would have a much deeper detailed analysis of your template but i i am a print designer.

do not lose courage, work hard and try to inspire yourself from well selling authors and items, u will have a better idea of what the target turns out to be for u

have a nice day

Very much thanks for your reply. It was very helpful. I will improve my template and resubmit again