my HTML template rejected ,please help me with your suggestions

My template demo preview
the rejection mail

please tell me what reason of rejection can be.
and help me with your suggestions to improve it.
thank you.

With all due respect you are a long way off the standard for here.

  • The design fundamentals like typography, margins, padding and consistency are way off.

  • The design feels very basic and outdated

  • It lacks premium feel or features

  • while it works on a phone there is a lot of room for improvement e.g. portfolio image appear stretched, various elements are quite squashed and narrow

The best advice would be to familiarize yourself with big selling items already in the marketplace and consider their functionality and attention to detail in design

Thanks so much i’ll work to improve it.


Here is my feedback for your theme:

  1. Change the logo. Is really bad.

  2. Unclickable nenu items?!

  3. Typography needs a lot of work.

  4. Pricing tables needs work

There are many other issues.

Take some time and analyse the currebt accepted themes to accomodate yourself with the level of quality required to get accepted.

Good luck.

Thanks so much.