Please, Guys, need your Help:)

Hi, Hard rejected again!
please, answer - why in your opinion?
Content is bad?
What’s wrong with Quality ?! Please!!!
It’s the 6th project was rejected!

Hi @3dieza, sorry to hear about your track rejection! I think one of the major things that stands out for me for this track is that the lead melody feels inconsistent. I think a solid, well defined and recognisable melody with a strong secondary melody as a counterpoint/B section is what buyers are after - simple, easy and safe. Your melody currently moves around a lot and has a lot of variation which would make it harder to edit to/use in an end product.

The choice of lead instrument is a bit interesting too given that you’ve labeled this as a corporate track. The pipes sound gives it more of an island/ethnic feel. The other major thing is that the track fades out. From everything I’ve read in my short time as an author, buyers prefer a solid, defined ending that resolves well, which may explain the hard rejection. Don’t give up though, the production is pretty decent and with some adjustments I reckon you’ll get your tracks through!