Please feedback my new HTML5 template theme


Hi guys,

Here is my new theme i have been created: new-theme-clean , new-theme-dark

I have been create this theme halfway and i feel that something is wrong but i couldn’t tell it.

Anyone please give me feedback what i should improve and what i have been done wrong in order to get my 1st theme approve.
What do you think of the overall layout, spacing, typography, images and ?

kindly ignored the responsiveness and the header part.

Thanks and have a nice day :grinning:


Anyone help please?


Hello, Your current template need few improvements. It may be soft rejected 1’st time you upload it on themeforest. No chance for Hard-Reject this theme.
Improvement needed are,

  1. Your design is fully based on Fullpage js. So test it on all devices like Small Laptop screen size, Big desktop screen. It may be differ in output. So test it on all the screens. I face issue on last section on my laptop screen small size.
  2. Test it on all the major browsers.
  3. Add more demos pages.
  4. Add color variant style switcher.

This are few things which improve your theme styles and get to approve too.


Thanks Phoenixcoded for your feedback.

new-theme-clean and new-theme-dark design does not fully based on Fullpage js. I wish to know what is your opinion on above two links?

It seem to me does not have strong visual hierarchy. Do you agree?
what should i improve? images? typography or arrangement of thesection?

Best Regards