Need feedback on my 1st theme

Hello guys,

I created a new HTML5 one page template is it ready for themeforest for not?


No one interested to reply?? :disappointed_relieved:

Hi, I am not a pro, however, want to share what I think about it. Overall, it looks a premium template to me and I am optimistic that the reviewer will accept it.

I have 1 complain about it. What I do section. You have the device at the middle and text on the right. The left is looks empty. Other that this, I feel this is really a nice design.

Good Luck.

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Hi, this design is great but it doesnt look good on mobile view. On themeforest only those templates are accepted that are perfeclty responsive.

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Responsiveness is only one thing. But first of all it needs to look good on normal devices(desktops) without errors, having a good hierarchy, typography, spacing.

Of course the uniqueness of the elements used all over the theme affects the approval of a theme.

From my mobile it looks fine in comparation with other items from the marketplace.

I will also take a look on my desktop and come back with a feedback asap.


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Here is my feedback:

  1. Animations from “W H Y M E ?” section takes too much time to load. Try to make them load a bit faster.

  2. Too much unused space on contact section;

  3. That red color on active menu items does not make good contract over that dark background. I suggest to add a lighter red or make the header white.

  4. Menu items needs to have another color on hover state. Right now it remains the same on hover.

  5. Make the logo white;

This is my quick feedback for you.

Keep it up

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Aha! I understand… well thank you so much guys it really helps me a lot :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

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