Please comment on this design


I look forward to receiving comments on this design


With all due respect it is nowhere near the necessary standard for here.

The basics like alignment, typography, spacing etc are all way way off.

Just a few things:

  • images pixelated

  • text over hero image is just wrong - line height, sizing, styling

  • Elements through about, why choose us etc. do not align and shadows don’t work

Even with these fixed the design concept needs dramatically updating

Compare it to recent top selling items and the difference should be obvious


Great, thank you for the comments very detailed


Can you tell me about the standard font size, line spacing according to international standards to apply to this design


Sorry, there is no such standards internationally for font sizes or other typography. It comes with more and more work you do. Look at some of the popular Site template or themes over ThemeForest to have some inspiration. Sorry to say but your design looks like that someone practicing the software like Photoshop while still learning it.


I wasn’t joking when I’ve said that you need to spend at least few thousand of hours practicing in the other thread. You wouldn’t try to audition for an orchestra without knowing the notes and being great at your instrument, right? So why do you think it is a good idea to try to submit something here, on a marketplace with hundreds of professional web designers, if you obviously started to learn web design just recently?


Thanks for the suggestions of your sincerity, I will try to learn from your experiences


say that I absolutely can creatively about typography, arbitrary distance, provided that suit my design