Feedback again

Hello guys
i asked before for feedback here

and the guys talked about some improvements in the typography, alignments, colors and fonts.

now i have improved all of them and i need your feedback again
the test demo is here :

thank you,
Best regards

Any body here

  • Not really a fan of the logo

  • Design could do with modernizing

  • Typography is borderline in places

  • The home page is way too busy - I get you are showing different layouts bu it would look FAR less cluttered if you had multiple home pages using different layouts rather than trying to cram them all into one

  • To compete in such a crowded space there needs to more premium vlaue to it, alternative homes pages, full width layout, clearly demonstrated post types etc.

Thank you @charlie4282.

the logo and all images are just placeholders.

Design could do with modernizing, Typography is borderline in places (i cant understand this).

about the home page: i’m trying to display all layouts for the feedback but i understand it have to be in multiple home pages not display all of them in one page

really thank you for your feedback but i need you to be more descriptive to help me more

thank you again,
Best regards

The design itself lacks premium quality. It’s not hideously unattractive but there is nothing to make it feel as refined or high quality as many of the magazine themes coming through already.

Likewise the typography is ok but a bit bland, line height is a bit much in places etc. and it’s not perfect

There’s little things like too much white space around author avatar, social icons widget should be spaced or left aligned

You definitely need more variations and layout

The issue you have is that without a super stand out design there’s no room for error and these little things are amplified and more obvious.