Hi Friends please Give a Feedback and Corrections

Hi I am design new Resume and not upload this Design Please give a feedback and After Upload

hi sorry to say just this as i assume that u di your best with this one, but, honestly, u are miles away from the standards at this stage and to keep on being perfectly honest with u , i think that u should try to have a look at what is supposed to be in the main file and ask yourself if u would be ready to pay for what u have at this stage … Let’s face it, once, the picture of the girl is gone, what do u have left in the end ? texts, very simple and common icons and lines … I prefer telling u the ugly truth , as for me , i would definitely not pay for this if were a customer … Indeed , the global style is too simple and flat and there is not much graphic design this far. This is what i tried to explain. U need to push the envelope as regard to graphic design. This is not 2010 anymore, simple and flat things like this have no chance to ever go through nowadays as there are tons of former items like this in the marketplace already and standards avec raised considerably ever since. In addition of being too simple and so on, this is not even flawless. The fact of the matter is that the blue color for the text is not a super good idea and does not bring anything to the table visually speaking indeed. Instead u are really on the verge of violating a basic design principle : contrast which makes your texts very hardly readable indeed. Besides, apart from contrast issues there is also a problem as far as hierarchy goes since the big title is indeed less visible and less outstanding than the smaller line beneath. As mentioned a bit beforehand, too, icons are just too flat and do not bring enough graphic design to the table, to say the least. I would like also to mention that u are expected to prepare such an item as perfectly as possible and indeed, u are breaking the alignement basic design principle too, in the header section. I have trouble to identify who the name and block of personal information are not being aligned vertically.

ok tks