How is it My Work and Feedback

No improvements. Check the @n2n44 feedback from your previews post.

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hi i am sorry to tell u just this but u still face the same problems globally … there is not enough graphic design into what u have done (even if this very slightly better than the previous one all the same) - and thus not sufficient originality as well - and that u face, consequently the very same problems of commercial potential than withe the previous one. If i understand your purpose to do so, this is still a problem for me not to have categories properly aligned as well … the one in the darker block being not aligned with the one upper. Globally the typo part is once again too flat , there are a little bit more color variations and this brings a little bit more relief to the table but overall this is still insufficient if u ask me, especially as regard to how typo is a prevailing matter here. I highly recommend also that u forget about using celeb pictures, i guess that this alone maybe the cause of a rejection. IN the same “topic” so to speak, indeed, this is not allowed to use copyrighted materials, and this is not ok for u to use the facebook, twitter and linked in logos indeed. In my view u should also try to bring all the content on the canvas a little bit down so that u can free a little bit more space in the header area so that this is breathing more and to give the title a bit more impact and attention