Rejecting issue

Please give some feedback and suggestion for the work

hi there is an attempt for originality but there are many things that are definitely not good enough at this stage and u have many things to fix or improve indeed

1- typo
this is super flat …not enough variations, not enough combinations and definitely no creativity at the moment …

2- fake logo
the tagline is not readable … which brings another problem to the table in terms on contrast and let me remind u off the fact that this is a basic design principle …

3- hierarchy
this is directly resulting from typo and contrast issues but not only, u have nothing outstanding , nothing popping out , the hierarchy thus seems simply not existing …

4- icons
this is too simple, they look like photoshop preset and bring nothing to the t able in terms of aesthetic, originality or graphic design in a general way … in addition they are misplaced and / or not properly aligned

5- alignement
many things are not aligned well enough right now

6- spacing
have a look for instance at the way u positioned the logo t have a clue of what i am talking about …

7- global style
basically the whole “graphic design” is about simple icons and a logo that is not going to be kept by the buyer anyways … so in short this is close to nothing …

8- commercial potential
think about it, who would buy this card as such? anyone with a basic knowledge of tools can definitely redo the thing in a few minutes, so here is what i think, even if by chance people like it , they would rather opt for redoing than buying to save money … buying it to save just a few minutes is very unlikely …

9- emptiness
why is there a need for a 2-sided card when one is so very empty like the side with the logo only?

10- execution
the melted version of the logo is misplaced, not in the right proportion, not bringing anything to the table