Reject issue .

Please give the suggestion for the attached work .

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hi u have basically more or less the same problem as with the former card that i commented! what is the interest to ask for advice if u have no intention to do anything about it? once again , as i expressed many times beforehand, many guys come out here , they have had their item rejected , they get feedback and shift to another project where they do exactly the same mistakes and this over and over and over again …


1- typo
is too flat , lacking originality and combinations …

2- hierarchy
hierarchy is really not impressive, there are hardly things to pop out and being really valued

3- global style
too flat , lacking graphic design, too easy to redo in a few minutes … definitely not original , even when it comes to colors >PUSH THE ENVELOPE!

4- commercial potential
is very low who will buy this>?! ask yourself ! anyone with a knowledge of photoshop tools will redo this in a few minutes as such

5- icons
too flat, they bring nothing to the table

6- execution
no one can buy it as such … the dagger should be in the end on the line, as such not only it look strange but this is not aesthetic either

7- contrast
about this, thisis not good enough here and there and some parts are hardly readable …

8- background
what is the interest to have such a melted map in the back it can hardly be seen … either u out it so that this is more visible but not disturbing the reading or u just take it out … when printing the thing may make the back look “dirty” or not clear if u wish

9- colors
think about complementary color, about themes and colo association , this combination is seen everywhere is not original at all

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Sorry for disturbing you repeatedly . Please see once again and give your valuable lesson .


You are clearly a beginner and you are not ready for this market yet. If you don’t learn the basics you will get rejection after rejection.

Please check this one .

Please check this one . I know I am not a Professional but try to make it .

Same issues as before. No improvement.

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Can you please tell me that, is the background is ok?

Use subtle and trandy backgrounds

i am a bit sad in a way … ads there is a true attempt to bring something original to the table , though , u should realize that many things are not good enough as such buddy …
why is the logo being not exactly in the center?! because of the sape? so why not adapting the shape so that u place the logo the right way then? in addition this logo side is still a bit empty information wise …and the link is not properly placed too …

for the other side this is worst if u ask me … the placement of elements looks completely random just to adapt the initial shape … but buddy please keep in mind that a card is to provide information, not only to sell your design! lol. plus, the qr code is not placed ideally …the alignment is not professional enough at this stage and all elements have a strange positioning … icons are too flat , too common and looking like photoshop presets icon and related texts are not aligned properly either horizontally and vertically too since the upper part of the card looks crammed when the lower part is almost empty …