My item Got Rejected

My new item got rejected need help for changes idea for reupload

hi , if u ask me, this is definitely really too flat and simple at this stage … the thing is that this category is quite a difficult one indeed and the category is a much saturated ne indeed , so basically u will really have to try to bring something new to the table so that your item can make it … at the moment, what u have here is having very little graphic design and i would recommend that u push the envelope on the shoe card and as far as the background goes , in particular. Otherwise, the fake logo is failing to imbricate with the name and slogan and this creates something far from being aesthetic indeed. Part of the name is being having very little contrast and is not only hard to read but also completely missing to pop out. BTW, by doing so , u are also breaking the hierarchy of information , making the tag line prevail over a part of the name … this is not welcome for branding and usability matters , i guess u can identify this. Icons are globally too flat , too. There is also a real issue about the organization of te content on the card … look, have u ever heard about z-shape reading process? this means that the logo would better off either on top left or bottom right and and u have also misplaced the name and function … putting this information after the personal data makes no sense and is rather confusing for the person supposed to read the card

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Can we do compare with other design and get idea what wrong with my design?

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This designs also simple and flat why they are accepted?

It is not ethical to compare but the business cards you highlighted are far better then your.
Regarding to your design you have many issues

  • Your card doesn’t have a concept. For what industries can be used?
  • Your typography is too common and the hierarchy is wrong
  • The space for information is to small. What if the client has a longer name or website or address
  • Alignments are off. I can see you done this in hurry
  • Icons are outdated
  • Your logo doesn’t help
  • The pattern on the background is not related with anything

so what are u saying? that there are flaws in the reviewing system? LOL no need to convince me about this , i think the very same for very long … lol u should though try to focus on what u can improve in your “own game”. i understand the frustration that u are feeling but all u will get with such a comment is to potentially get into further trouble and this is not going to chance anything when it comes to your rejection … i feel also legitimate to remind u off something … some items have been approved a long time ago and standards have increased dramatically for this very reason a good while ago, u have to with the rules , whether u like them or not , i am sorry …

u are definitely right but the thing is that i can understand his frustration as all of what is accepted is far form being impressive to say the least … and not necessarily better than some rejected items, this is the bottom line

I know they are better then others design and my submission. Only problem I was facing I can’t understand what is wrong and where exactly. Thanks for review.
I will take a note.

Okay. Thanks for review.

u don’t know what is th problem with your item?! so why did @DesignSomething and i write a whole paragraph to help u if so?!

I Meant before not now.

sorry i did not get it , have a nice day :slight_smile: