(Rejected) What should be changed to improve it?

Rather than typing it all out, I drew on your page.

Plus I think it may also be too simple, and the rounded shapes look a bit warped in some parts, like they’re not truly round.

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hi first of all , indeed, u have a problem when it comes to the global lay out as the shape that u have created , u have trouble to handle them and adjust texts accordingly so that things look like imbricating, well thought of and executed in keeping too. AS @XioxGraphix mentioned, moving texts up will be better. Otherwise the typo is quite flat and this is emphasizing the global lack of originality of what u have at this stage in such a context of highly saturated markets when tons of lookalike items have already been created in the past … color are classic and they are kind of ok but once again, unfortunately, they are so very common that they are once again making your item not so indispensable for the market. Typo would require more variations, more font combinations (pls avoid serif font as this is looking old and not matching the style that u try to deal with at the moment) and so on so that it reaches the standards for here (where expectations are high in terms of typo) and that this is also strengthening a hierarchy of information that is quite weak until now. There are some issues in a general way about the positioning of the text and one of the best examples is the text that is coming over the picture , making it less readable , less noticed, and decreasing the impact of it. The picture u have selected is not a good choice if u ask me as not only this is rather dark but the combination of the blue shape and immediately after all the guy with the blue shirt is creating a very poor combination (making the shape look like not properly executed indeed).