My first Item-Need your Feedback


Hey, since I am a new user it seems I cant uplad images yet , so ill use exernal upload links, I hope its not agains the rules here, there is 4 different main colors in this theme, but I can upload only 2 links since am a new user


You are coding this right not just a PSD?

With all due respect it is a long ling way off - everything needs to change.

Typography is not good

Zero consistency or structured spacing, padding, hierarchy etc.

You need to focus on attention to detail e.g. email sign up text is right up against the edge of the field etc.etc

Even coming soon templates needs a lot more to them now to compete in terms of uniqueness and features


Thank you for your kind reply
yep its not just PSD
and yes you are so right about what you said, feel free to tell me all the negative parts please, it would help me to develop my coding


Its very much a case of starting over and checking the level of detail and refinement that goes into almost all files here even the 404 and coming soon smaller ones.

Either way you are going to have to add more features, content etc.

Drop the weird font - aside from actually not looking that professional it looks like something that some browsers might not load properly.

Also think H1 needs to be bigger and each content area needs to distinguish properly form others without going OTT

Really consider your spacing and margins. If you are going to use a lot of blank space and big margins between sections then you need to make sure both that CSS and the actual text itself is defined correctly.

Little things like the padding on subscribe form, using one boxed social icon and one that is not again causes issues with consistency