Need Some help!My first template was hard rejected

this is the template i created . I need some help and feedback!.

With respect, you are a long way off the standard.

  • design fundamentals need a lot of work. Spacing, typography, hierarchy, margins etc.

  • navigation doesn’t work

  • no post pages

  • no other pages beyond home

  • all sorts of mobile issues with pixelated images, mis-alignment, spacing problems etc.

just a couple of examples (far from the only ones):

  • the testimonial sliders have zero typographic hierarchy, styling and far to much empty space
  • all scions have different top/bottom margins and padding
  • duplicating things like’weekly events’ seems lazy and unfinished

You ned to take some time to refine your basic design skils and understand the standard needed here as this is not close and simply wasting both yours and he reviewer’s time

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thanks for the feedback!..