Plagiarism or not? "Mambo" from CommercialMusic Vs Shpongle

Hello Dear All,
Could you please help me to understand :)) it is plagiarism or not?
Listen this “Mambo” track from CommercialMusic:

and after that, check the Shpongle “My Head Fells Like A Frisbie” tracks (time from 34:06)

P.S. I`m cycling with this Shpongle album ;)) Good music btw.

Both sounds like Fxpansion BFD2 library El Paco demo track. Sounds very similar.

In the future if you suspect copyright infringement or plagiarism, contact support.

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Shpongle’s album is from 2001, he definitely didn’t use modern expansion packs) But “basic” Mambo -like tracks are really similar (as blues, swing etc) so i guess its just a coincidence here.