PoP is very not a commercial track.

How dare I try to add this track to my portfolio…

I was told that p5 takes all the tracks in a row. I did an experiment.:
I sent the tracks to a website where I don’t have a briefcase. all tracks were taken without question . what does it mean in other services stupid people work, and in Envato geniuses gathered? No need to send me to other sites. I asked a specific question.

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There seems to be a logical connection there…

That’s not what it means, what a weird conclusion to come to. It simply means that AJ has much stricter standards than this other site.

Yes. Rigor on perform well. brought the situation to the point that you have to create an " element")
Another very strong rigor: when plagiarism takes sales from elite authors.
But my track it is urgent to reject. After all if track will accept the company will become bankrupt…

Dude, you’re overthinking stuff. Please, spend 2-3 hours today listening to accepted tracks on AudioJungle, I guarantee you’ll start to understand what you need to improve in order to have your tracks accepted.

Listened to 2 minutes. now I have to have dinner again. Thanks.

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Hello, thank you for the heads up. It means you care for me and you want me to have money and l really appreciate this, even though l have not always agreed with you on other matters.

I wish you every success on this other site (which l’ve just realised, l have bookmarked) and l may join you. I want to earn money and be happy. I have a shed load of original material. Some of my melodies are amazing. I just need to be good at production.

On TV in the UK there was a Sony channel called “MovieMix”. In their ident, they used a melody l myself made on my Amiga when l was in my early teens. MovieMix of course thought of the melody independently. It’s quite encouraging though. I have many more melodies that are kickass like that, from a phase l went thru in my teens where this musical spirit just descended on me (it left after a few years, never returned).

More to life than xylophones and snazzy accoustic guitarleles. I want to write uplifting, inspiring music with an upbeat energetic futuristic summer vibe. Yes. But not conforming to the in-house style here, and no xylophones. I want to be someone, l want to be known, l also want to be loved, not rejected hard. Nobody deserves that.