Is it plagiarism?

This track
is very similar to

I think so. It’s very similar to the folk one. Maybe 1 or 2 notes had been changed.

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I don’t think either of the first two sound that close to the Pink Zebra track- the chords and production are completely different. The vocal on Happy Upbeat Acoustic Dance Folk is very similar to Energetic Uplifting Pop, but they are both just examples of “The Millennial Whoop”

However, Happy Upbeat Acoustic Dance Folk definitely does take a lot from Upbeat Indie Folk. They do change one of the chords, and the vocals are different, but listen to the little melodic line that comes at about the same time in both tracks, from about 22 seconds. I would say that’s too similar to be a coincidence.

Lol, people wanna be singing, let them sing :smiley:

I would say the first and second track are a dead knock off of one another, check the dates, one is July 2017 the other August 2017 so you know copied who I guess.

I heard a partial copy of these two tracks. I think this is not right.

Not hard to tell ‘Happy Upbeat Acoustic’ is a knock off of the featured (and much more well produced) track by @TwinsMusic!

At what point do you cross over from “inspired by” to “ripped off”… that I don’t know the answer to!

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@orbiterred You are absolutely correct…@TwinsMusic is a very well produced version. Its embarrassing for the knock off author.

Seems to be a common theme here…Hey similar doesn’t always mean anyone stole anything, but they are very similar.

sounds an awful lot like…@AurusAudio

Again production quality is much greater with AurusAudio!

And he’s getting sales :joy: He could just buy original ones and reupload them.

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I love the track titles too :smiley:

This one is an excellent track, and a great seller, but the title is basically a list of tags.

“Emotional Cinematic Uplifting Inspiring Piano Motivational”


My next track will be named “motivating corporate muted guitar thriller with a hint of bass guitar and some drums for advertising”


Six tags. :rofl::rofl:
Could we try to discover how many “tags” can be as name. :joy:

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It seems that up to 100 characters you’re OK. It’s up to you to choose the words! :wink:

100 is not enough…


Yes,its plagiarism

hahaha you have to remove “with” “a” “of” “and” “some” “for” and it’s perfect! lol

let them do, what ever they want