Someone purchased our track, add vocals and released it as his own ???

So…someone purchased one of ours track, add vocals and released it as his own…phew as easy as that! :joy:
…and of course we do receive a message like this from Envato:

“Please note it was reported and confirmed that this submission is not eligible to be licensed on AudioJungle in its current form. We are force to remove it from the library. In fact, this track appears to contain “out-of-the-box” audio loop/samples without enough, if any, significant adaptation.”

Funny thing is that there are no loops at all, and the guitars used in our tracks were originally recorded. 🤷

Remixing / adding vocals and releasing as your own track is not included in any license here as far as we know right ?


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Lol that is really inappropriate and unacceptable cause we’re here in the music libraries selling music licenses, not compositions. I think you know the answer :rofl:

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Exactly ! :grinning:

This sounds like a mistake. Maybe someone heard both: this song with vocals and your track. And thought that you’re a plagiarist? Maybe this 3rd person reported you and afterwards Envato wrote you an email?

However don’t worry. Explain it and it will be ok. I assume that Envato simply didn’t have the knowledge about the origin of your composition.

This track with vocals should be deleted ASAP.

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Not only is it not covered by any license, but it is also specifically prohibited in the terms.


Yeah could be,
anyway we sent takedown request to CD baby and emailed the YT channel as well, I hope @Envato will react fast and put back our track back for sales again. :blush:


Did you get it sorted out @LoopsLab?

Yes, we contacted the YT uploader and explain that doing this is against the terms and he immediately takedown his release from all the stores.
Envato after a day put our track back online. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great to hear!

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