Track copyright issue!

Hi everyone! At first time I have a bit strange situation: just finished my track and was going to upload it on AJ, but at first, as usual, I decided to upload it to YouTube to make sure that everything is in order with copyright. So, I did it and I saw, that one of audio samples that I used in my track (I bought this sample pack) was also used by another person in another music track before, and this person registered track by Content ID. This sample is about first 10 sec. of both tracks, further, these are completely different compositions. So, YouTube says: β€œthe author of this content allows you to use it, etc.” But also there was a note that if this content (video with my music track) is gonna be monetized, then maybe some problems with monetization can arise.
So, my questions are: if I can to sell my track on AJ and not to worry that me and the person who potentially buys my work will not have problems in the future with this? And what to do in such cases, because the same samples can be used by different people in their works? Thanks for answers!

Yep, there will be the problem.

It is always better to avoid such problems by not using melodic and harmonic loops (which are btw forbidden by AudioJungle and possibily forbidden by your sample pack license - just check the license).


Wow. Thanks for your answer!