Check this email from Audiam - Content ID

Hello all

Just received this email from Audiam. I’m waiting for my tracks to be approved on their system… BUT:


  1. Your recordings do NOT contain beats, samples, loops, Sound Effects or other audio that is licensed from Royalty Free Catalogs, bought from catalogs that others buy from as well OR is available for free from Garage Band, Ableton, Logic, Fruity Loops and others. If so, your recording is NOT eligible for YouTube Monetization.

  2. Your recordings are NOT released under Creative Commons or similar free/open licenses

  3. Your recordings do NOT contain public domain recordings, or compositions

  4. Your recordings do NOT contain/use sound from other sources used under fair use principles

  5. Your recordings do not have sounds from video gameplay footage or TV shows.

  6. Your recordings do not contain any recordings of existing YouTube videos that are not exclusively controlled by you

  7. You control 100% of the sound recording

  8. You have not hired another company, like TuneCore or CD Baby, to submit and monetize your recordings on YouTube at the same time you are hiring Audiam.

  9. Your recordings do not contain beats/ instrumentals leased from a third party or contain beats/ instrumentals made available for third party lease

  10. Your recordings are not purchased from or made available for purchase on Royalty Free Websites or music databases like Audio Jungle, Theme Forest, Audio Micro, etc…

Seems like we can’t register in Content ID anymore. This is going to be just for bands I guess, not RF music or even electronic music because of the samples. I’ll have to delete all the tracks!! Also I make music with a lot of Splice samples !!

What is your experience with this?

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Wow man this looks bad, I don’t have experience with this service, just using A***v, and hoping they don’t choose this path.

They already have. They reject applications from AJ authors. Only a few have been able to slip though.

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I hope it’s not retroactive

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In the email they were asking for confirmation. I could say yes and see what happens later.

I don’t know how it is for people registering new RF tracks with other services. If Youtube finds out they say I could be removed from Audiam and charged a a $500 penalty fee.

I’m not worried too much about the samples but they call out Audiojungle specifically. If someone tries to lift a claim with an AJ license they would find out immediately

I just received the same message from Audiam.
Could you please tell me what did you end up doing?


I ended up joining Identifyy but then I got out because a library I’m working with is not accepting tracks with content ID.


So, 99.9% of modern music can’t be accepted there, because everyone from media composers like us, to the biggest pop stars in the world use samples from Kontakt vst instruments, from Splice or other sources. Not to mention samples you get with your DAW. This is the most stupid thing I’ve heard in a long time :smiley: :smiley:
No one will use their service under these terms!


I was rejected by AdRev a month ago, they didn’t give me a reason but I suspect it’s because I sell my instrumental beats on my website which are considered “royalty free” and AdRev will not accept catalogs like that anymore. I didn’t even tell them about my Audiojungle music.

I think this is YouTube’s way of attempting to clean up their horrible content ID system when there are 10 claims on 1 video instead of requiring people that sign up to TuneCore, CD Baby, etc. to show an actual contract proving they have the right to join the YouTube Content ID service. My contract to buyers explicitly states they are not allowed to join the content id service but some still do it, and companies like TuneCore, CD Baby, etc. require no proof from these artists and just turn a blind eye to it.

Some companies like Audiam and Adrev don’t allow music with samples or that is sold in RF sites. But Identifyy doesn’t care about that. I even told them I was selling my music on royalty free libraries and I told them I was using royalty free samples. They didn’t have a problem with that.

What is the real problem here? all of them submit the music to the same Content ID database. If this guidelines come directly from Youtube, why are some companies like Identifyy accepting this tracks?