Need clarity on Content ID, Royalty Free, and AdRev

Greetings To Everyone!

I’m new here, and I want you to know I have been reading through articles and forum posts for days. I just need some clarity on Content ID, Royalty Free, AdRev/Audiam.

Do I have this straight?..

  1. If I offer a song, royalty free, I need to register the song with AdRev/Audiam to prove that my song is actually mine. This ensures that someone won’t steal it and claim it as their own? (or I can prove that it’s mine at least)

  2. If I do this, AdRev/Audiam scours YouTube looking for any instance of it including clients who have purchased it. Therfore my clients needs to clear prove that they purchased one of the licenses. So, there is no way of registering with AdRev and then opting out of the monitization part so my clients don’t get harassed by repeated content warnings or whatever from YouTube and AdRev?

  3. If I don’t register and just start offering royalty free music, am I just opening my self up to get taken advantage of?

This has been holding me up for weeks.
Thank You for your time!

register, then you can allow youtube users who bought your item to use it without any problems

hey man ! i am using audiam right now and its not really good ! i use for some of my tracks and not for everything!

lets see :

1: You dont have to register but if you afraid of piracy you should go with Adrev! Adrev is better because has this Whole Youtube Channel whitelist option that some buyers need for intros and news!

2.Your clients when they got a 3d party content claim ! they’ll have to paste the license info for the track they’ve purchased and after 2.3 days the claim is gone ! Or they can send you the link and clear it yourself !
If you need happier customers you don’t go with Adrev or any similar company!

Last: If you don’t register there is always the chance that someone will download the music from someone who actually buys music from you and create his videos without paying for music ! You usually cant find those videos because they don’t give credits on description !

ps. No one can steal your copyrights ! if you have the original project and register to a lawyer !

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Thank You for the reply sodasi_web
Thank You WolfSound

I know thievery will happen, but I was more worried about someone coming in and claiming that my songs were their songs, and then coming after me. What a nightmare that would be trying to prove the songs are mine if I didn’t register them!

So, I register with AdRev. And when someone purchases my songs, I ask for their channel name so I can whitelist it first before they get notified from AdRev. Otherwise, I wait for them to contact me (or audiojungle) for proof of their license.

Has this gotten to the point where anytime anyone purchases from audiojungle (or wherever) royalty free music, it’s a forgone conclusion that the will get a copyright notice from AdRev unless their channel is whitelisted or the video they make is pre-cleared before they make it public?

Is this correct?

Actually try to include a txt file inside the zip. for buyer how to remove the claim ! links for adrev etc !
Dont whitelist whole channels ! do this only if a customer asks you !

Check one of mine

This Music is registered and tracked with Adrev.
The License Certificate purchased via AudioJungle is used to demonstrate to YouTube that you are a legitimate user and have full rights to use the music within your online videos and productions.
When you get a notice on your youtube channel (video manager/copyrights)
will be like this


Soft At Heart(inspiring piano) ____________ Adrev(label)

delete track 0:01-2:48___________________play match_____________file a dispute

So to quickly clear any potential ‘Third Party Content’ claims using my music on YouTube, please visit using your video links, copy/paste in the contents of your License Certificate and state that you ‘have licensed Inspiring Piano(Soft at Heart) by G********************* (Nick Tzios) Claims are cleared within 24 to 96 hours.

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Awesome WolfSound. Thank You so much for pointing me in the right direction! I couldn’t find it spelled out like that.