Audio Track licensing mistake

Hey guys,
So I used a preview of a audio track I got from audiojungle. In my edit I used the preview file. and sent it to the client who uploaded it. I have the license for the audio track. Is this license applicable for my prieview track? Do I need to change the audio or can i keep it up?


If you bought a license that’s ok.

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Are you sure is there a way I can talk to an admin and get confirmation?

You’re ok, but I would still recommend you change the audio. It’s better for the client’s video, and also they’re less likely to get reported for stealing a track.


True. Someone can report your client for stealing the track. So it’s better for him to redo it correctly.

But the video has been uploaded and the reach of the video is crazy. so we can’t take it down. is there anything else I can do?
heres the link to the video :

and this is the license.

can I add the document on the post then? cause I can’t remove it for sure. boosted the post as well.

In that case, just make sure the client has the licence and understands that they might receive a copyright claim at some point, but then they can just produce the licence and all will be well!

Hey thanks a lot Alister hope it works!