Doubt about adrev

Hello everyone

Let’s see if anyone can give me some advice.
I am new here and never before had I received a notification until a few days ago.
In that case I got information that one of my tracks appeared in a video of more than 12 minutes which has more than 76,000 visits.

What I find strange in that case is that after watching the video, I realize that all other tracks that the video contains are also mine.
What am I supposed to do in that case?
I do not know if in that dog the author of the video has licensed or not the music.
I would also like to know if you are indicated to contact the author of the video to direct links of my tracks in the description.
Any suggestions will be of great help.
Thank you very much and happy new year

No need for them to add links to your work in the description. Have you checked your statements on the invoices, to see if anybody named Undoomed (or something similar) has licensed your tracks.

Another thing to note… if these tracks are only available here, and there’s no discernable watermark on the audio… isn’t the likeliest outcome that they have actually licensed them? In know watermarks can be removed or minimised, but still. Unless you have evidence to the contrary, it does sound like everything is above board.