Audiojungle and youtube???

Hi Guys,
I’ve bought a sound pack from audiojungle and had used it in some videos on my youtube channel, this week I’ve received a lot of content ID claims from this audio pack, I’ve already opened the dispute, sent my license info, but some of them were not acepted by the author, so before trying to solve in another way would like to ask some help from you guys to understand the situation clearly,
so my doubts are:
What kind of license do I need to be able to use the sound track freely in my youtube channel?
Do I need one License for each video?
What kind of limitations do I have regarding to using it on youtube?
Can I use that sound track at all?
Did not find the answers in a clear way and would appreciate any help!

You can read it here;

I’ve read that but did not find my answers there!

Hi !
The most eazy way is to try to send an email to the author. While content ID is an important things for us as creator we have some obligation to help our customers to fix the claims.
Especially when customers paid for using our work.

Good luck with claims !
You will find solution with the author !

There is none. On Audiojungle you buy a license which is good for one end-product (in most cases that is one video). You’re not buying a music track you can then use “freely” multiple times.


Other than having to have a valid license for each video, there is no limitations.