Music for youtube and other uploaded videos. I need a copyright free music that I can use for background music and intro/outro

I am getting so confused and overwhelmed at the details regarding audio in Youtube and other videos. I do instructional videos and would like to get music that I can have in the background and for intro and outro music, but can’t have too much to keep track of such as yearly licensing, credits, etc. Is there a simple way to just buy a music pack that I can credit and use in all my videos? I am thinking I might just have to have no music. I am overwhelmed by it all.

Hi there,

Licensing music can indeed be confusing. For starters, “copyright free” music does not exist (other than public domain music, but there again, the performance is usually copyrighted as well).

When you license a track at Audiojungle, there is no need to credit the author. One license is valid for one video. If your videos are part of a series, then a single license can cover up to 52 videos (or a year, whichever comes first).

Hope it helps.

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