Photoshop action error

hi guys

can anyone help me out with this error i got?

thanks for your help

Looks like cs2 or later on the cloud, error.

Most likely the action has been set differently to first time settings, (l have a few) and have found the file needs to be named the same, and has to be highlighted the same way or error messages will occur.

Actions need to be initiated the same way each time, or error messages will occur.

Good luck.


if i run the action same way always an different error appears and stops… using pscc2018

Unless cs6 is different to later versions, an error may also occur due to trying to make the action do something it cannot handle.

A good example is making an action, crop, etc an image for a thumbnail, which Photoshop cannot handle as it would have to crop the same part on each flyer, (not possible as each flyer is different) or if the flyer scale was different, that would possibly bring up an error message?

Best to repeat the action, til the issue is resolved.


You have a new version CC2018 and the action is probably not tested in that version, CC2017 is a bug problem with actions which were created in previous versions CS,CC14-15 who knows what it is with CC2018. The best option is to contact the author to see if it can help.