Action error help


Good afternoon all. I congratulate on holidays. I want to ask a question about action. I created action with pattern and it worked. But then I removed pattern started action and photoshop showed mistake/could not fill the path because no pattern has been defined/ I established pattern back. But the mistake repeats and action doesn’t work won’t choose pattern manually yet. Prompt how to solve this problem. Very much I hope for your help.How to make that it worked always automatically


We are professional animated action creators. We recommend you if error appears, try to fix it when u watch the action while running step by step and record again the steps that are missing or delete some of them. Put stop messages (it’s something like debugging), it helps a lot to fix errors. If it doesn’t work, delete the whole action and recreate it. It’s not big deal because we have one of the best actions in GR and the best animated parallax tool kit with a hundred of steps. We had some errors. We had fixed them but there are a few errors that we couldn’t realise so we were obliged to recreate some of the actions in the tool kit. The most important thing is to analyze and understand how and what are u doing. I recommend you, when recording actions do not use key combinations, also when u want to add adjustments layers, do not do that under layer panel quick buttons. Add them through the drop-down menu from Layer-New-Adjustment Layer, etc…Then u have to give them a name immediately.
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Thanks for your answer and hints, very many thanks. I watched actions at other authors and they work without stop messages. I tried to do without the hot keys it does not help too, carried out all actions through the menu. All the same after removal of a pattern and installation again Photoshop ceases to see it. Maybe you will advise me a lesson or a resource where creation of difficult actions is described in more detail. I thank in advance. With respect for Nickolay.


I don’t know any tutorials or tips for creating hard actions and easy to use. We learned everything alone. You can try Youtube but there are very simple tutorials.


Ok. Thank you for you help