Help with my Actions in PS CC

None of the “Actions” purchased here work in my PS cc 2017. Can someone please help. I have screen shots of errors. I have followed all the videos and documents on how to, and it just does not work. Please please help.

Can you post the screenshots here? Just drag and drop the images into the textbox when you reply to this (or click the “Upload” icon).

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As you can see from the screen shot, the image is high resolution, the settings are RBG 8 bit. The brush is loaded. The layer is set. The background is set. I click action and this is the first message of error I get. If I hit continue, I get error after error after error. This action is "Pixel Stream. But it does the same thing with the actions of “Creative Arts” “Speed” “Sand Dust” “Broken” etc. Am using Photoshop CC. What can be wrong?

Please try renaming your “brush” layer to “Brush” (capital B). Does it help?

Look at each action name of isolated layer do not use all the name “brush”. From my experience Updated Photoshop 2017 will not do some steps in actions eg. when recording action and create new layer from right under menu there is an error while running, but if used Shift+Ctrl+N action work fine and only in Updated CC 2017.
If you did everything correctly you need to contact the author for help.

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Capital “B” does not work, nor b nor “area”. I think dgas99 is right. It has to do with the PS version. I created my own action, and when I try to run it, I get the same error. Thanks for your help anyway…Much appreciated.

Just make sure you’ve read the action documentation and that you’re naming the layers properly, this is essential for it to work. As @dgas99 advised, if you’ve done everything correctly and it still fails, contact the action author for help and inform them that you’re using Photoshop 2017.

I believe your right. It has to do with my version of PS CC 2017. I thought that PS CC 2017 was a more updated and capable version than CS4, 5, or 6. I created my own action and when I try to run it I got the same error. Sorry for asking, but when you say “if used Shift+Ctrl+N” what do you mean. What does this do, create new layers? instead of creating them under the menu? Thanks for your help and any other you can give. Much appreciated. Am a intermediate user.

Oh by the way, keep in mind I run on Mac. Some of Windows command are not the same on Mac. Thanks.

Hey by the way @jnievesv can you try unlocking your Background layer? Thanks.

Thanks. The problem is not the Actions, is the PS version. The “actions” that I personally create don’t work nighter under PS cc 2017.

No worries. I saw from sevenstyles that there’s some changes in PS 2017 which causes the “SELECT” problem if the background layer is locked.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to 2017 right now to test further. Might be worth heading to the Adobe Forums and also seeing if the author can make any updates.

Yes, create new layer from top menu <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/c

On Mac probably Shift+Control+N
Simply in this version PS If you creating the action and create new layer from under the menu an error will appear, if you create new layer from top menu there will not be any error and there will be a different line in the action.

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You should contact Adobe.

Any update on this? Also having a million popups on a sevenstyle action.

It’s the “Explosion action” Keep watching the video and can follow it to a tee, except I don’t see the “replace brushes” option in PS CC. Only add adding them. Then once I start the action, I get about 50 popups that say “Command select currently not available" and similar popups. and when it’s done it looks horrible

Best to contact the author of the action, this will make it hard for anyone to help you. If there is a problem in some versions of photoshop author it should correct it.
You do not have to step “replace brushes” simply load Explosion brushes in photoshop (it is important that they are installed in photoshop).