Profactions Photoshop Actions Do Not work


I followed the instructions for this product:

And when running the actions it throws errors the entire time. Very disappointed.



Hi Heather! That doesn’t sound good - I know that we’ve just wrapped a contest where several hundred people were using one of Profactions’ Photoshop actions, and we haven’t seen any issues reported with the files.

@profactions is active on these forums, and may be able to give some troubleshooting tips - I know there are a few common issues to watch out for when first using a new action. Once everything is set up properly, they’re very easy to use.


Hi, @hrichman! Thank you for message. Don’t worry, the action is absolutely correct and works perfectly with all Photoshop versions since CS3 upto newest CC2017 and CC2018. There are several possible reasons error:

  1. Please note: the action has two action modes (please see your Action panel) for different PS versions. You must use second version if your PS is CC2017 or CC2018

  2. Please check you have installed the action brushes and patterns. If not, please drug Brushes and Patterns files to your PS and try again.

  3. Please check your new (not Background copy) layer name. It must be “profactions” (not “Profactions” or “Brush”)

Also, you can send me your PSD (and/or Photoshop screen when the action stopped at first) to, so I can test your project.

Everyday Perfectum2 buys a lot of people. But a very few people of them face any little problems. And we solve these customer’s questions in 100% of cases. Thank you for your time!

Also, thank you @BenLeong for additional comment.



Thanks for your response. I actually found the issue on another site. I hadn’t named the layer correctly or your #3 point above. Once I fixed that it was smooth sailing. There are a lot of ppl having problems such as just knowing to name the layer correctly. The tutorial video – some items like that are hard to see. Suggest that steps to run the action be included in the Help text file. Anyway thanks for the followup!



Hi, @hrichman!

Thank you very much for feedback! All instructions and steps you can find in Helper.txt file in action archive. And bee free to contact me with any questions (