Problem with purchased actions in Photoshop CC 2019


I am Gino from the Netherlands and i have purchased the Fragmentation - Shattered Glass Photoshop Action and the Galaxian Photoshop Action but cannot get them to work.
I am using Photoshop CC 2019 and turned it to the English version as described in the Tutorial.

I follow the instructions to use the action, but everytime i get an error and have to hit the Return on my keyboard to continue, how can i solve this?

I happens with both actions i have purchased from KGNDesign.
Please help me to solve this and hope to hear from you.

With kind regards,

Gino Wiemann,
The Netherlands,


please post comments here. Item Auhtor will reply you to give you a solution.


u are right contacting the author is the best thing to do , hopefully the guy will answer quickly and help to fix the problem …

Hi n2n44,

I hope this issue will be solved, it is not much money but it would be nice if the action really worked with my version of the newest Photoshop CC 2019.
I bought 2 actions, because i liked what i saw and what it can do. So if the author wants to sell more of these actions, perhaps it is necessary to make it work in Photoshop CC 2019

The Netherlands,

hi i understand what u are trying to explain, but pls figure this out … a lot of authors cannot afford the lattest versions of applications indeed and turn out to use very old ones , then, hard to do what u mentioned … now the person that authors should most complain to is adobe … so that they do not have so many compatibility issues indeed … especially language ones that are just a joke if u ask me …

Hi n2n44,

I understand.
From a friend i got a version of CS6 because he is not using it anymore and the actions work fine with CS6.
So i am glad to use these actions that i bought. Only one is giving still a problem, that is the Fragmentation action. It ask for two styles that are not present, maybe i can solve that on my own.
Thanks for you help and reply.
Have a nice day and till the next time :slight_smile:

hi Gino, well happy to discuss with u :slight_smile: have avery nice day and i am happy taht most of your problem is sort of solved now :slight_smile:

Like wise n2n44

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