Paypal payouts rejected(

What happened? Why rejected? Who can know? I’m from Ukraine. Maybe someone from Ukraine will tell

If I had to guess… your earnings were less than the $50 minimum for withdrawal? If that’s not the case, and everything is looking good with your Paypal details in your settings etc, then probably best to contact support.

50 dollars? 5 minimum. Is not it so?

Ah ok, they must have reduced it… was always 50 when I was a boy.

I checked it and for me it´s 50.

Envato reduced the minimum payout for Ukraine temporarily.

@Darkcat You will need to contact PayPal and/or Envato to figure out what’s wrong. This issue won’t fix itself automatically.


For me it’s 5 dollars. But what’s wrong?(( I don’t know

Good. Thank you. I will contact then

Right, that makes sense!

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I found out. Wrote to PayPal support. :wink:
Thank you for help me


Unfortunately, Ukrainian accounts are not able to get business transfers. It is a Paypal limitation for Ukrainian residents. You can get transfers only from other Paypal users, but not companies. Please let me know if you fix that. If not, consider alternative payout methods -

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