Payout - money dissappeare

I’ve request a payout by swift.
I received less credit than I expected.
I asked envato for the SWIFT receipt and the amount is correct…so it seems between Envato bank and mine someone keep money and nobody know about that…

Is it happened also to you?

Thank you

for SWIFT payout envato will deduct $25 and also there can be extra some $ fee for intermediary bank transfer. So, around $40 (not sure exactly how much) can be less from your total earning.

how is it possible that there is no trace of who the intermediary banks were and what their commission was?

nobody knows before sending, nobody knows after receiving … that’s incredible!!!

you can contact your local bank to know about it.

done…they don’t know…

out of interest may we know how much total deducted from your total earning!

I don’t know if it is a percetual or a fix fee…it’s 11 USD…not so much, but that’s not a good reason

it’s normal for SWIFT transfer to take extra charge $6 to $xx (may be depends on total amount)

I think it could be normal if it is clear before the money transition…envato says “I keep 25USD, nothing more…ask to your bank the cost to receive the swift”…well, my bank doesn’t apply fee, someone in the middle do and no one know its and you can know its before the transition… …really? Am I still living on 2020, the age of internet, right? :triumph:

That’s sound incredible for me.

I don’t have much knowledge about intermediary bank fee but you can ask this to support, they may help.