Swift fee


just have a question…
Swift fee is 25$ and my bank takes 11.40 EUR which is arround 12.70 USD so together around 38$ somewere in there 12$ got lost. Nothing special but still i want to know how and why and were?


Actually 25$ i got on my bank account 50$ less and after that my bank took 11.40 eur

You might be confusing the commercial rate and the rate you actually get. If you put “100 USD to EUR” and it says 89.46, you’ll never actually get 89.46… unless you’re a bank, a government or are making a very large transfer. You’ll probably get 87.46 or something like that.

Its not about conversion rate, its about that envato states they take 25$ my bank takes 13$ were is the rest? Who took it, as far as i know any transfer provision must be stated somewhere. 25$ went missing.

So lets say you’ve withdrawn $1000 for ease of maths. Envato will send $975 minus the $25 fee. Are you saying that your bank is saying “we’ve received $950 and now we’ll deduct our fee of $13, so here is $937”

It’s intermediate bank who takes some provision for conversion and /or fee for assistance.

Yes exactly.

Yeah, probably what 3eka said then.

Yea just noticed from my bank statement that there is a new york intermediate bank, but it doesn’t say what they took, so i guess they also take 25$ looool

Same issue but worse: On my account statement I can see that apart from Envato’s fees and my banks fees I have an additional loss of USD 40,00(!).

My bank is in a network with the receiving intermediary bank and the loss happened before conversion to EUR. Envato support says they are unable to examine the issue. :frowning:

Anyone else having such a loss?